Raschera d’alpeggio

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Raschera may be called “d’Alpeggio” when it comes from locations higher than 900 metres above sea level in the municipalities of Frabosa Soprana, Frabosa Sottana, Roburent, Roccaforte, Mondovì, Ormea, Garessio (only the Val Casotto area), Magliano Alpi (the area bordering on Ormea), Montaldo and Pamparato, all in the province of Cuneo. The cheesemaking technique is substantially that described for raschera DOP, but the mountain product offers aromas of Alpine herbs that further enhance the already outstanding taste profile of the variety. Production of the cheese, which is made in the summer months from June to the end of August, had been falling off in recent years as the Cuneo mountains became increasingly depopulated. It has now picked up again thanks to strong demand from wholesale markets and in particular from restaurants. For its production liquuid calf’s rennet is used, and the resulting cheese features a thin, smooth, springy outer rind, reddish-grey sometimes tending to yellowish in colour, enclosing a soft, elastic, ivory-white body with very few eyes. The rounds have flat sides and are 35-40 cm in diameter in their cylindrical version, while the quadrilateral one has 40-cm long sides. They are generally 7 to 12 cm high and their weight ranges between 5 and 8 kilograms.

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Production area:Mountains of Mondovì area

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