White Quarantina Potato

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Bianca di Torriglia, bianca di Montoggio, Bianca di Reppia, Quarantina bianca..It is the most ancient and traditional potato from the inland of Genova, returned on the local market after being rescued from extinction and carefully selected by a consortium of small scale producers.

Adapted to the sandy mountainous soils, it is exclusively grown over 300 meters above sea level; it features a smooth, light skin and a white body with a fne and compact texture.

It was introduced by a priest in Roccatagliata (in the province of Genoa), Michele Dondero, who in the XVIII century thought to help his faithful to fight hunger and misery by cultivating this tuber.

Its taste is exceptional, suited to every kitchen use and particularly good for stockfish and stews.It is now grown in the inland of Genova, on the Savonese and Spezzino Appennines.

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