Ponzone Baciato fillet

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The general cured meat classification divides on the one hand the products made by single pieces of meat, salted, seasoned and aged, and on the other the plethora of minced meat, made with a mix of lean and fat cuts minced and seasoned. Ponzone Baciato filet is right half-way in between. It is in fact a very peculiar cured meat made of a whole cut (pork fillet or sirloin) stuffed inside a minced mix. The first stage of the preparation is the curing of the fillet. The stuffing is then made by coarsely mincing three parts of swine lean meat and one of fat. Then salt, minced pepper, nutmeg, garlic, red wine and saltpetre are added. The mix is spread over a straight cow gut, cut on its long side and well flattened; the fillet is put in the middle then the whole thing is rolled up and tied like the most classic of sausages. Its size and shape may vary, but it generally resembles an ostrich egg.The secret of this preparation, apart from the dosage of the ingredients, is being able to make the mix stick to the fillet, as the two tend to separate while ageing.It is consumed thinly sliced, in order to exalt its fragrance and sapidity, and the union of lean and fat parts results in a particolar gustative richness.This is a typical product of the commune of Ponzone, in the province of Alessandria, Piedmont.

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