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Pumpudurella is the name of a native tomato variety that has always been grown in the fertile volcanic soils of Pofi, a town in the province of Frosinone. In fact, Pofi is located right in the centre of an extinct volcanic crater and thanks to the nature of the soils and the vast quantities of groundwater and springs, represents an ideal location for the development of pumpudurella, which is cultivated even if in small quantities in open fields.

It is a moderately vigorous tomato plant with sporadic growth. It is a robust plant that reaches a height of about 120 to 150 centimetres, and it is very resistant to dry climates. A quality which reduces the wastage of water, but also a prized characteristic that gives the tomato a particular flavour. The distinct strength of the peel and the very dense pulp, combined with a particular toughness of the stem, allow the whole tomato to be preserved for a long time. The pear-shaped fruits have a diameter of 2 to 3 centimetres. The fruits are yellow in the early stages of ripening and coral red when ripened and have an intense and sweet flavour.

Pumpudurella are harvested between July and August. Traditionally they are tied together and kept in 2 kilograms bags that are then hung under cool and ventilated roofs or, in any case, in cool and dry places over winter.

The elderly from Pofi tell stories that state that pumpudurella was already being cultivated in the area back in the late 1800s. From these stories research work was born that a professor at the Agricultural Institute of Frosinone has been carrying out for some years. The seeds are still handed down by the farmers of Pofi who grow pumpudurella in their family gardens.

Traditionally, the tomatoes were used during the winter season to flavour sauces and broths or for the preparation of rich meat sauces typical of the Ciociara gastronomy. One of these typical dishes is the “fini al sugo di regaglie di pollo”, where the “fini” is fresh egg pasta that has been cut into very thin strips.

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Production area:Pofi and surroundings (Ripi, Arnara, Torrice), Frosinone province

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