Pitsilia Sausage

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Pitsilia Sausage

The Pistilli sausage comes from the Cypriote province of the same name. It is a sausage (loukanika) made of macerated and smoked pork.
The production method of the Pistilli sausage is a way of preserving the meat for a long time: The lack of refrigeration has led to the development of this technique, to keep the meat from spoiling. The reason why it is produced in the Pistilli region is because it is quite cool there, and this climate helps to conserve the meat better.
To the ground pork meat some spices are added, especially coriander, and then everything is macerated in red wine for up to 8 days. After that, the casing is stuffed and the sausages smoked. For the smoking procedure, which takes around 5 days, wood from local trees, especially carob, is used
There are various ways of cooking this sausage: frying it in a pan, on the grill, or in the oven

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