Albesa Pink Tomato

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Tomata rosa de Albesa

The pink Albesa tomato is a very ancient tomato variety grown in the Noguera county of Catalonia. The plant produces medium-large pink fruit with very particular organoleptic characteristics. The difficulty of its cultivation and its low yield have hindered larger production, but make it particularly interesting in terms of local direct sales. The tomatoes are very sweet yet also have a high degree of acidity and the two tastes are in perfect balance. Both the taste and the aroma are very intense. The flesh is very juicy, the texture is pleasant and the skin is very thin. Because of the thin skin and the soft texture, these tomatoes are not easy to transport. They are mostly eaten fresh, in seasonal salads, or as a side dish.They are also suitable for cooking: tomato preserves made with this variety are very bright in colour and are of very high quality. The seeds have been preserved by a single farming family for at least one century. In the past, these tomatoes were produced for self-consumption, until their direct sale at the Lleida market started 30 years ago. Production is strictly local, given the low yield, and has never expanded further. Since 2009, the variety has been promoted with the Cultures Trobades project. A large number of subsistence gardens have introduced it and it now has a growing reputation.

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