Pergentino Chickpea

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The Pergine chickpea is small in size, wrinkled and light coloured with a thin skin. In ancient times it was grown by sharecroppers in the area of Pergine Valdarno, in the province of Arezzo. For a long time it was good for supporting a family, especially due to its protein content.

Its features, aside from the fact it is easy to farm as it doesn’t require much attention, include a high suitability to the soil in the Pergine Valdarno area, and very small size, smaller than a cherry stone. It is sown in March and harvested in July-August. The traditional production method yields on average 600/800 kg per hectare.
The great quality of the Pergento chickpea is its easy farming, as it does not require much attention. It has a fine skin, nearly imperceptible to the palate once cooked. It has a unique flavour, tasty and delicate, and lends itself very well to velvety soups, baked dishes, with pasta, etc.
The Pergento chickpea has been preserved thanks to the few kilos of seeds that stayed in the hands of a guardian family. Resuming its farming at a certain scale would help preserve this biodiversity.

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