Bodrum Double Baked Bread

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Peksimet is a twice-baked bread that originated in Bodrum, on Turkey’s western coast. There is even a nearby town called Peksimet. It has been used for centuries by area fishermen. It has spread west by sea through fishermen and hunters of sea sponges. It is a provisional food that can be kept for at least 6 months when stored in a dry place. Sponge hunters would take peksimet on their expeditions, and wet it with seawater before eating. Four different kinds of flour are used to make peksimet: whole-wheat flour, millet flour, rye flour and barley flour. These are kneaded together with yeast. It is baked, cooled, and baked again for two days at low heat in traditional outdoor stone ovens. It can be found for sale at local farmers’ markets. Today peksimet risks extinction because it is difficult and time consuming to make. There are a few elderly producers left who still make the bread, but organic flours are not as commonly used as before.

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