Paroakan Chicken

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Jolo, Basilan, Parawakan

The Paraokan (or Parawakan) chicken originally comes from Malaysia and was introduced to the Philippines in the 14th century by Arab missionaries and Muslim traders. It is currently farmed mainly on the island of Palawan, but it can also be found in the provinces of Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur and on the islands of Basilan and Jolo (for this reason, the breed is also known locally as Jolo).
Compared to other native poultry breeds in the Philippines, the Paraokan chicken is the largest. It has long legs, a larger body and head than other local breeds and an elongated neck.
Unfortunately, Paroakan chickens are farmed mainly for their use in local sports, especially cock fights, rather than as a food source.
They are usually black, but can also have reddish feathers.
Cocks can grow to 3-5 kg and usually, after 6 months since birth, they are already 1.2-1-3 kg. They have a much slower growth pace than commercial and industrial breeds. This slower growth means that they develop a stronger muscular structure.
These chickens were considered as a valuable good by the families in the Mindanao region and their meat is found in many traditional recipes of the island of Palawan.

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