Paperina savoy cabbage

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Col paperina

You can find various varieties of cabbage on Catalan markets: Milano (round and green), Melissa (thicker and with more texture), Valenciana (larger and whiter), but Paperina cabbage is the one with the best taste. It is one of the traditional varieties from El Garraf (a municipality of Catalonia), along with the disappeared oxfoot cabbage, which was larger and fatter, and is for sale from the end of December to March. It has an oval shape but pointed outer leaves, for which it receives the name Paperina. It has an olive-green color outside, but is almost white inside. It weighs less than the other varieties and has a delicate sweet flavor. It should be eaten very fresh. It is a perfect ingredient for the typical Catalan Christmas dish (Escudella de Nadal) or Cerdanya stew, but can also be eaten boiled with potatoes and a few drops of extravirgin olive oil.

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