Pantelleria Zibibbo Grapes

Ark of taste
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Zibibbo, or ‘Alessandria Moscato’, is a vine suitable for plains, medium and high hills which, even though probably imported by Arabs, found in the Island its natural habitat spreading all over the land, with aromatic features making it world-famous.This variety is generally cultivated in the shape of a small tree, while espaliers are only used for growing the Catarratto variety.The tree is cultivated in circular holes 50 to 60 cm deep in order to shield the plant from the wind and create a microclimate allowing it to resist to draught. This method on the one hand allows to yield highly aromatic grapes, but on the other hand it requires a great deal of hand work.Zibibbo is used not only for wine but also to be exported as table grapes and raisins. It is currently produced in the Island of Pantelleria.

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