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The Orte artichoke is a “romanesco” type of ecotype selected in the area of Orte and particularly in the part of the area in the Tiber river valley, with plentiful water supply and dedicated to farming activities. The artichoke is slightly bigger than the actual romanesco with purple tones. It ripens later with the first artichokes harvested in May and smaller ones after the beginning of June.
The tradition of growing artichokes in Orte has been historically passed down by families and in post-WWII reached its peak of expansion becoming a flourishing cultivation. Its cultivation began to decline in the 1960s as the farmlands were abandoned by the agricultural population and today remains in use in companies and families in the area of S. Masseo, Piscinale and Molignano.
It is grown by some companies in the area that use mother plants for the new artichoke fields or to replace plants that have defects in the old plantings. It is an artichoke that is very resistant to disease and does not have particular productive yield problems even in older plantings, remaining in the field for even up to ten years. The artichokes have an average compactness, a globe form, with the characteristic hole at the top and an average weight of 300 grams which in some cases can even double, even if the selection of the farmers during the planting phase is to couple two offshoots (taken from the base of the plant that is a year old) per position it so that the first artichokes do not grow too much and stimulate production of the secondary ones.

The artichoke in local cuisine has also inspired another product typical of Orte, an artichoke cake, every family has their own personal recipe.

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Production area:Orte Commune (province of Viterbo)

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Nominated by:Andrea Lucentini - Convivium Slow Food Corchiano e Via Amerina