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Omuramba is a fermented alcoholic beverage typical of Kigezi Region of southwestern Uganda. It is more popular in the cold mountains of Kabale District in southwestern part of Uganda. The major ingredient in this highly cherished drink is sorghum, specifically the brown sorghum variety called omugusha.

Omuramba is made by almost every household in preparation for the typically cold months of June and July.
To make omuramba, the brown sorghum is harvested and dried. The dry brown sorghum is cleaned of any chaff and mixed with wood ashes, which is believed to control the final taste of the beverage as well as controlling the pH at which the whole process will be based. It is then soaked in clean water for 24 hours and kept in a dark room to turn black and to enable the seeds to sprout into what is locally referred to as amamera. The mamera is then taken outside and dried under the sun, churned and winnowed on a special woven basked called entaara to remove the roots and the remaining dry wood ashes. The clean mamera is then placed on a special grinding stone called rubengo and ground to powder which is then mixed with warm water and kept for seven days covered in a special room with moderately low temperatures. The resultant drink is omuramba, which the Bakiga people of southwestern Uganda believe to be an energy drink as well as boosting immunity.

Omuramba is served on every community event and gathering to old people mostly men. It is also found in every community drinking places, local bars and served widely during the land preparation and crop-growing season.

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