Olomouc Cheese

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Olomoucke tvaruzky

Olomouc cheese is made with skimmed cow’s milk, with a low fat percentage. Its flavour has a bite, its aroma also has a characteristic spicy note to it, which becomes more pronounced during the ageing process – that can vary from 7 to 28 days. This cheese can assume different shapes – round, ring-shaped, log – and its surface colouring varies from golden yellow to orange, becoming more intense as it ages. The cheese of made without rennet, colourings, flavourings and stabilisers; it contains an allergen: quark, obtained from cow’s milk.

Its name comes from the Moravian city Omolouc, and its first written appearance occurs in the 15th century. Until the 19th century, its production was widespread in the villages surrounding the city, where it was commonly known as selske tvarůžky, literally “farm cheese”. Documentation intensified during the 18th century, when the cheese was produced for marketing purposes, and the olomoucké tvarůžky enjoyed a moment of high popularity in 1872 when it was awarded a prestigious prize at the world’s fair in Vienna. Today, there is only one producer left, in Loštice.

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StateCzech Republic

Moravskoslezský kraj

Production area:Loštice Commune,Šumperk district, Moravia region

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