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Mint bush is a native to Australia genus of flowering plants (Prostanthera violacea) of the Lamiaceae family. It is small to medium sized aromatic shrub. Its leaves are tiny and rhomboid shaped and have a very strong mint flavour. The beautiful light-coloured flowers usually appear in spring, they are mauve or bluish, often white apically. They are two-lipped with three lobes appearing on the lower lip. A Mint bush grows on a shrub in full sun no more than a few years but growing quickly. It blooms in spring. It is possible to find it in some areas on the South Coast of Australia like for example Shoalhaven.
These herb has not yet been positively identified and the indigenous community in Shoalhaven only knows of three places where this native mint bush grows.

Traditionally used as a medicinal herb by the Budawang Dhurga language group as a ‘rub’ to smell and clear sinuses. Currently used in the cooking of meat (game, like kangaroo and goanna) in place of imported herbs.

With massive land clearing and widespread weed spraying around creeks it is good to have this mint recognised and protected.

The herb has the potential to be propagated as a native alternative to imported mint species.

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New South Wales

Production area:Shoalhaven Area and some other areas of New South Wales

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Spices, wild herbs and condiments

Indigenous community:Budawang people (Dhurga language group)
Nominated by:Noel Butler e Slow Food Shoalhaven Convivium