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Muday is a traditional drink in the Mapuche community that is generally prepared and consumed during religious ceremonies. It is an alcoholic drink made from the fermentation of cereals particularly wheat and quinoa as well as corn.
It is whitish-yellow in colour with a cloudy appearance.

The recipe has been handed down via word of mouth from generation to generation. The preservation of secrets of its preparation by future generations is uncertain for this very reason. It is increasingly difficult to find the drink made with quinoa, as the cultivation of this native cereal has declined and been replaced with other crops more suitable to intensive agriculture.

The quinoa or wheat is first washed. The wheat is left to soften in water. In ancient times the women would chew the grain before stone grinding. It is then formed into a dough with a little water and left in a container to cool. It is left to ferment for a number of days and water added as required.

The traditional drink is prepared by women to be consumed and offered to the spirits who are called during the Mapuche ritual known as guillatún.

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Indigenous community:Mapuche
Nominated by:Delma Barra Ancamil, Berta Alicia Triviño Jaramillo