Mubende Goat

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The Mubende goat is an indigenous breed from the Kabale and Bundibugyo districts of Uganda. This breed has shiny, straight hair that is normally black or a mixture of black and white. Its meat is of high quality, as is its skin, which is used as leather in the tanning industry. Males have manes, and usually are hornless. Adult males weight 25 – 35 kg, and females weigh 22 – 28 kg. Like other native goat breeds, the Mubende’s coat is adapted to reflect the sun’s radiation to keep the goat cool in its natural environment. This breed also survives well during times of drought, and can go a few days without drinking water. These goats are also resistant to heart water (a tick-borne disease), worms and other diseases such as mange. It is believed that this breed was domesticated in the Mubende and Sembabule districts of central Uganda, by communities of subsistence-oriented shepherds. They are generally raised for consumption for specific occasions, and their skins are highly valued on the market. However, this breed is not very well known outside of the groups that raise it, and leather goods are being replaced by materials made with sisal. Additionally, the historical production area for Mubende goats is now home to many imported breeds from southern Africa, France and Switzerland that are larger and more productive.

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