Montreux Black Cherry

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Montreux Black Cherry

The Montreux black cherry has a fleshy fruit and a dark red, almost black colour. The cherry has a diameter of 1.5-2 cm. Its taste is sweet, fine, vinous, and refreshing. They are harvested by hand in July/August.
The fruit was most widespread and had its biggest boost in popularity in the Montreux markets from after the second world war until the 1970s. Today it is increasingly difficult to find this product on the markets, and its price has risen. The trees are also very old, and the efforts to replant them have often failed. In addition, rapid urbanisation has made the Montreux cherry an endangered species.
The rare specimens that still flower must be protected to avoid losing this precious variety. Local varieties have a great advantage: they are well adapted to local climatic and soil conditions.
Also known as “La grosse noire”, this very sweet, juicy and intensely flavourful cherry is used to make the traditional kirsch (brandy). It is said that every family kept a bottle in the house for special occasions. But it is also optimal in cakes.
There are now several projects to safeguard this ancient variety and its historical and environmental heritage.

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