Mongolian Wurme

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Wurme is made by pouring fresh goat and cow’s milk into boiler over gentle heat. When a layer of fat condenses on the surface, it is picked up with chopsticks and hung in a well-ventilated area to form the wurme. Wurme has a high content of fatty acids and a high nutritional value. It is only made by hand in areas where goat and cattle are pastured, and in the autumn and winter months when butterfat content is highest.

The manufacturing of wurme has a history of thousands of years. As early as the 6th century, the agricultural scientist of the Northern Wei Dynasty documented the process of making wurme in his "Qi Min Yao Shu." But due to the impact of industrialization, the influence of the tourism market and the fact that it must be made by hand, today there are fewer and fewer people learning the craftsmanship of making traditional wurme. There are also lots of cheap “wurmes” made quickly through the use of additives being sold in the market, and traditional wurme has a higher cost and shorter shelf-life than these imitations.

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Inner Mongolia

Production area:Zhenglan Banner in Xilinguole Prefecture

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