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The Mohant is a traditional Slovenian cheese made in a small area in northwestern Slovenia known as Bohinj that is located near the border with Austria and Italy. The cheese is said to have originated in the 19th century. However, one of the first written records dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Anton Pevc mentioned Mohant in his book published in 1925. It was made from surplus milk that the local farmers could not sell. Today, there are around fifteen dairy producers within the Bohinj region that offer this local cheese.

The Mohant is a semi-soft cheese made from the raw milk from locally raised cows. The obtained milk is set aside to coagulate. After that, the whey is removed and the curd is cut, drained and put into containers, called deže, where it is pressed and salted by hand. Then, the cheese is ripened under anaerobic conditions for a period of 15 to 56 days. Mohant is a smooth and soft white-yellow to beige colored cheese. It is known for its distinctive strong aroma and bitter taste.

Mohant can be consumed as a side-dish and is traditionally eaten with unpeeled boiled potatoes.

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Production area:Bohinj Basin

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