Mirandano Passion Fruit

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Obutunda Obuganda

Mirandano as is a called in Southwestern Uganda Kigezi sub-region is a local variety of passion fruits also called butunda obuganda in Central Uganda. They grow well in southwestern hills, elevated parts of central Uganda and in the mountains of Eastern Uganda. The mirandano passion fruits are small, round with a diameter of approximately 4 centimeters. They are green in colour when young and turn to a purple colour when mature and ripe. They get softer as they tend towards physiological maturity. This variety of passion fruits is a long climbing variety and less aggressive in nature with small, pointed and spaced leaves. They are sweet and less acidic with the typical orange colour on the inside. Unlike the early maturing hybrids, mirandano are slow growing passion fruits, for which it takes approximately 5 months from planting to flowering and additional 4 months from flowering to harvesting. They are high yielding and highly resistant to diseases and also can survive well in wild and untamed environments. These are the most liked variety of passion fruits and the most highly demanded although they are still very scarce throughout the country.

This variety of passion fruits is traditionally used for juice extraction as well as fruit preserves especially in colder mountainous areas of Kabale and Mbale in South Western and Eastern Uganda Respectively. They are also commonly eaten as desert with other fruits as well as added to a mixed fruit cocktail.

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