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Marzotica is produced with a mix of cow and sheep’s milk and whey; its body is not very consistent, with a buttery texture, a yellow-greenish colour and a soft, wrinkled rind.Its taste is slightly acidic, aromatised by the grass used as its is produced following the classic phases of cheese making: milk and whey are heated to 90-100°C, then cooled down and additioned with rennet. After coagulation and the breaking of the curd, it is poured into small moulds and pressed. It is dry salted and matures in 10-15 days, durng which the rounds are stored in dry, airy and dim rooms and turned over every day. Last, the rounds (featuring a 10 to 12 cm diameter) are wrapped into grass leaves.Marzotica is produced in the province of Lecce, Apulia.

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