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Marsicovetere proscuitto is a mountain prosciutto that weighs between 8-12 kilograms. It is made from the thigh of locally reared pigs. It is distinguished by its sweet and delicate flavour, it is tasty and not excessively salty. It has a strong and persistent aroma and a soft consistency. It is consumed in combination with other cured meats and cheeses as an appetiser.
This product derives from a centuries-old tradition of butchery that has been preserved over time and is characterised by a particular maturation process that takes place at over 1000 meters above sea level. Further to this, only small animals are used to produce it. These animals do not exceed 120 kilograms and are raised locally.

After the pig has been slaughtered, the meat is left to rest in a cold room for 24 hours. After the thigh is removed from the animal it is trimmed, massaged and dry-salted. The thighs are then left to rest in salt for a period ranging from 25 to 40 days. After this time, they are pressed by wooden presses which are progressively tightened over 8 to 10 days to ensure that the meat releases its internal juices. At this point the prosciutto is ready to be sprinkled with a mixture made of lard, pepper and ground hot chillies and to be left to dry in a room with a wood fire. The seasoning can vary, reaching up to 22 months, and takes place within the underground rooms and ancient cellars of houses that are located at about 1000 meters above sea level. The transformation process takes place only during the cold periods of the year which coincide with the traditional time of the year that the pigs are slaughtered.

In Val d’Agri, the consumption of pork has been the cornerstone of nutrition for centuries. In most local families, the habit of raising one or two pigs as a stock of food for the winter is still alive today. Prosciutto is therefore historically and traditionally linked to the territory, but today it is only produced by a small number of producers who still practice the ancient processing technique.

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