Maletto strawberry

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In Maletto, on the sides of Etna, an ancient strawberry of extraordinarily high quality is struggling for survival. Big, sweet and perfumed ‘Madame Moutot’, coming from a cultivar selected in France in 1906, was then cultivated in Admiral Nelson’s duchy in Bronte.Nelson never lived in his Sicilian properties, but the over six thousand hectares of terrains have been managed by his heirs until recent times. Here were planted fruit and vegetable varieties which still characterise and qualify the Etna area, and it is right in Nelson’s duchy that, at the beginning of last century, Sicilian strawberry cultivation was born. Later the cultivation of ‘modern’ strawberries spread to the whole region, particularly in the Siracusa and Trapani area.Maletto strawberry is extremely perishable, this due to its hollow heart, and in strong danger of extinction as it is only available in exiguous amounts at the nearby Catania market.

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