Purple Malanga

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Malanga morada

In Cuba, malanga refers to edible plants from the arum family (Araceae), including Xanthosoma saggitifolium. They are herbaceous perennials that produce a large root rich in starch. The purple variety of malanga has a dark brown root and white-ish to yellow flesh, and is round in shape. It is often found cultivated in the Guamuhaya Mountains in central Cuba. The areas where malanga is grown are called vegas or veguetas, depending on the terrain. The farmers in this area are trying to maintain the agricultural traditions and continue cultivating and harvesting malanga by hand. The purple malanga is grown mainly for household consumption. It is diminishing because other plants are being introduced, but lately, efforts are being made to promote it for gastronomic uses. Purple malanga is boiled or stewed and also used in recipes for preparing desserts and fritters. Women use malanga to make a kind of mash that they feed to infants.

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Sancti Spíritus

Villa Clara

Production area:Escambray Mountains

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