Malagueta chili pepper

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Aji malagueta

The malagueta chili pepper grows in the Loreto, San Martin and Amazonas departments of Peru and also in the northwestern part of Brazil.
Like other local varieties, such as the charapita or pucunucho, it is able to adapt to the climate conditions that are found in this part of the South American continent.

The malagueta chili pepper has a pointed shape, is around 5 centimeters long and is a shiny red color. It has a high capsaicin content which gives it a very spicy taste and a very sharp flavor.

It is used in the Amazonian region to prepare salsas or to season vegetable or white meat stews.
Its distribution is limited to this area and it is not easy to obtain this product. It is mainly grown at a family level, and its production is not plentiful.

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