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Lumachella is a type of bread made in the form of a snail, around ten centimeters in diameter or sometimes a little smaller. The historic production zone is Orvieto, in Umbria in central Italy, and the municipalities in the district, with some occasional production in municipalities of Lazio that border Orvieto (at a distance of around 20-30 km).The lumachelle are amber in color. The dough (natural yeast, water, salt and flour) is mixed with local pecorino cheese, cured pork products (pancetta or prosciutto scraps, with preference for the fatty parts) and pork lard. The ingredients are all sourced from local producers. The dough is formed into long sausage shapes that are rolled up in the shape of a snail and baked for 20 minutes in the oven at 200-220°C. The Lumachelle are consumed for breakfast, as a mid-morning snack or an antipasto.Historic references of lumachelle are primarily oral: the personal stories of elderly people and bakers. In the past, their production was tied to the availability of ingredients, in particular pork products. Those who used pancetta started producing the lumachelle in June when the pancetta was matured; those who used prosciutto scraps started production at the end of October. Today these products are available throughout the year. It is said that in the past lumachelle were used by farmers as ‘pocket food’ to take along in the fields. This product is at risk of disappearing as the total production is not large and it is only sold and known in the zone around Orvieto.Photo: 

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