Llonganissa de Vic

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The llonganissa de Vic is a traditional salami of the Osona and Valles Oriental areas, produced using lean parts of pork, to which salt, pepper and bacon bits are added and then stuffed into a pork intestine.
The ground meat and the other ingredients are mixed until a ball that does not stick to the mixing bowl anymore forms.
This ball is then left to rest for some hours, after which the intestines are stuffed and left to rest for two or three days. In those days the salami is constantly turned to get a homogenous result. It is then hung in an aerated room to dry it uniformly.
Because of the humid climate of Valles Oriental and Osona, they are not ideal places to make dried ham, but salami is less demanding regarding the climatic condition.
There is an industrial version of the llonganissa de vic, produced with pigs from industrial farming or imported meat. Slow Food wants to revaluate and promote llonganissa de Vic salami and its traditional and artisanal producing methods, using pork from extensive and organic agriculture.
A local saying goes: “Hi ha més dies que longanisses”, meaning: “there are more days than llonganisses”, or: there is always time to get things done and there are no reasons to feel stressed

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