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Traditional lavash is a very thin flatbread made with hard wheat flour. The dough is made without leavening, with only water, flour and salt. According to the old Armenian tradition, it is baked in a stone oven beneath the ground level, called a “tonir” or “tandoor” oven. 200 – 300 individual pieces of lavash can be cooked in one baking, and if stored properly they will not lose their freshness for up to 10 days. When lavash is dry, it is covered with a damp towel that, after a short amount of time, restores the bread’s original consistency. Lavash is a very antique dish used in both every day life and special occasions. During wedding ceremonies, lavash is placed on the shoulders of the newlyweds to symbolize fertility. It is made throughout Armenia and can be found for sale in local markets. However, today, the traditional technique is at risk of extinction. Also, because mass produced varieties can be easily purchased, few people continue to make their own lavash.

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