Laufener Country Wheat

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Laufener Landweizen

Laufener country wheat is a historic winter wheat sort from the area of Rupertiwinkel, a region which used to be part of Salzburg, but now belongs to Bavaria. Laufener is considered to be the only remaining wheat sort of the Rupertiwinkel. Today, it is found in the Alpine foothills, where the area’s high rate of precipitation won’t harm the very robust crop.

The first mentioning of this wheat dates to the 16th century. Laufener wheat was maintained over many years in the genetic data bank in Braunschweig and later it was cultivated in Bavaria. Today, the Laufener country wheat is grown by some farmers in Austria and Germany. The largest producer of this old wheat is actually found in St. Georgen (Salzburg). The Producer is working to expand cultivation in Germany and Austria as well as grow enough for marketing it to bakeries.

The Laufener country wheat is a robust and undemanding plant. In cultivation and harvest the wheat variety meets the requirements of ecological and biological agriculture. Because of the strong root system and the rapid drying of the straw after rain, fungal and wind resistance are guaranteed.

The taste of the Laufener country wheat is nutty and very pleasant. Regarding the processing, this variety displays excellent baking characteristics. The baked goods (biscuits, cakes) that are made from the wheat remain fresh and moist for a very long time.

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Production area:Rupertiwinkel region

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