Langhe sheep

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Also known as Langarola, it is a medium sized sheep with a ram-like nose profile, especially in rams. The fleece is open and of a characteristic white colour; the ears are medium sized, hanging down towards the front; there are no horns.

In the past, in all the farms of the Alta Langa, a small flock of 2-6 sheep was raised, rarely a few dozen. The sheep’s milk was used to produce the typical cheese, whose small size was due to the scarce daily availability of milk. Arranged in rush baskets, it was sold on market days in the squares of Murazzano, Bossolasco, Alba, Dogliani and Ceva.

Popularly known as tuma, it is cylindrical in shape, weighs between 200 and 300 grams, has no rind and the paste is straw-white in color, soft, sometimes with a slight eye formation. Today, tuma made with pure raw milk from Langhe sheep is very rare.

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