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Lakka, hilla, valokki

The cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus), known in Finnish as lakka, hilla, valokki or suomuurainis a perennial herb that grow in natural bogs, but can also be found along the sides of new forest ditches and forest roads that traverse bogs
These plants grow as wild plants in the regions of Kainuu, Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland.

The cloudberry is 10–25 cm tall, two-leafed, has a woody rhizomatous stem and grows a solitary flower. Its leaves are wrinkled and kidney-shaped.Its flower consists of five white petals and blossoms in June.
The fruit changes colour a number times while growing: initially a soft greenish-yellow, it then turns a shade of red and ripens into an amber-coloured, juicy, flavourful and fragrant berry. Once ripe, the berry can be easily removed from its base.

Berries of cloudberry have traditionally been used by people living in these areas, and currently cloudberry is an economically important product for domestic and commercial use. They can be made into jams, juices, berry soups and desserts. Also suitable as a garnish.

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