Lake Atanasovsko Salt

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Along via Pontica, a few steps from the city of Burgas, lake Atanasovsko is a 72 square meter lagoon by the Black Sea. Its salt waters offer refuge to the many bird species that net and rest here during their long migrations. This area has a significant environmental relevance and boasts a rich and unique biodiversity. It is included in the European Union Natura 2000 network of protected areas.
In order to safeguard this fragile ecosystem, which was severely damaged by a flood in 2006, an ambitious project to recover the local salt works was launched. It is called ""Salt of Life"" and focuses on traditional salt harvesting methods as one of the main drivers of sustainability – also from an economic perspective – for the ecosystem and the local communities. The abandonment of the old salt works and of the complex system which ensured its management and maintenance had contributed to seriously endanger this sensitive ecosystem.

The salt is placed inside large natural tanks where water is left to evaporate. It is then moved manually, with the help of shovels. The obtained product is unique, as the large quantity of plankton gives it pink hues and a distinctive prawn flavor. It is therefore ideal to season seafood dishes.

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