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Korab is a mountain range in Albania and in the Republic of Macedonia. The name Korab is of Slavic origin. Before switching to Christianity, it was considered to be a God of sea by various Slavic tribes. Later the Albanian population arrived and inhabited the region, however still in ethnobotany Slavic origins can be found. One of the plant growing just in this mountain range is locally known as Laboda. It is a hardy, annual plant. Its leaves are oblong and its texture is thin. The taste is salty, spinach, slightly acid. The leaves are harvested in May and June.
Laboda’s leaves are added to one of the most popular local dishes in Albania, byrek. In Albania, byrek is a source of national pride. The pastry is made from a thin dough and then filled with the cooked Laboda’s leaves. In addition, the leaves can be used in salads.

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