Kurramewaly Wrezhay Rice

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Kurramewaly Wrezhay (Oryza sativa L.) is a native rice in Kurram district of Pakistan. The rice plant is round with hollow stems. Its leaves are about 18cm in length. It has a cylindrical shape and is 5-12 mm in length with white in color. Rice grows well under rainfed conditions. The best temperature for it is between 23℃ and 34℃. It is grown from about 1400m to 2150 meters altitude and latitude N33°49.991 and longitude is E070°01.207. It is cultivated during June to July and harvested in the fall, October to November. Historically, it has been produced in the Northern area of Pakistan Kurram Valley. In the Kurram district all farmers are small scale producers and are producing this local rice.
Kurramewaly Wrezhay is a local dish originated from the name of this rice and an important part of the Pakhtoon tradition and gastronomic system living in the Kurram region. It is often used to make traditional dishes that are served with meat or desi ghee on special occasions or for important guests. This dish is very healthy especially since it eliminates the weaknesses in the human body. The local inhabitants believe that those who eat Kurramewaly Wrezhay do not become ill, but they will be more healthy and fit.
Kurramewaly Wrezhay rice is sold in the local market and is mostly grown for self-consumption. More farmers are abandoning Kurramewaly Wrezhay rice to grow wheat and potatoes, which are seen as more lucrative cash crops. A decline in cultivation has been observed due to water shortage. Additionally, as the population increases, more land is being used to build homes and other infrastructures, resulting in a considerable decrease of this crop.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Production area:Kurram district

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Nominated by:Wasim Abbas, Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Shujaul Mulk Khan