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The Kumba bread has traditionally been made using local sweet potatoes, and has been baptized like the city from which it comes.
The historical zone of production is indeed Kumba, a city situated in the Southwest region of Camerun and is the administrative center of the Meme department. The bread can be found in some other places, though, like Bamenda and other communities of the Anglophonic regions of Camerun where the bread is still produced with the original artisanal techniques.
The Kumba bread is made with local sweet potato flour and cane sugar, and the dough is placed in a rectangular baking tin which gives the bread its specific shape, and it is then baked in a traditional wood oven.

Kumba bread is eaten for breakfast with avocado, beans, eggs and meat, but also as bread to accompany any other meal. This product is at risk of disappearing because today its production is counterfeited with wheat flour and can be mistaken for traditional artisanal kumba bread. Wheat flour is imported, and the raising of the wheat prices has contributed to the multiplication of productions that do not respect the traditional standards.

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