Kokulu Çörek

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İşmumlu, Şumumlu

İşmumlu, Şumumlu Kokulu Çörek is nothing but it is an aromatic bread, made from flour, işmum (mixture of powdered ginger, nutmeg, mahaleb, cinnamon anise, turmeric and the main spice is powdered fennel), yeast, salt, olive oil, black seed and sesame seed, milk seed, and yeast. It is semi soft, and bun shaped. Tarsus coregi is similar in some spices to Diyarbakir coregi, with the same shape. The ingredients are butter, olive oil, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, salt, sugar yeast, and sweet molasses. It is a special food for the Alawis Nusayri community in Tarsus. These cities were home to many civilizations. Chronologically Phoenician, Assyrian, Persian, Macedonia, Roman, Byzantium, Arabs, Umayyad, Abbasid, Crusaders Armenian, Selcuki Turks, Ramazanogullari and Ottomans. According to this area food history, using herbs in bread especially fennel sesame and other herbs were used by Phoenician and Greeks. Tarsus still follows these customs. Sending the food to bake to the local bakeries is still very popular. It is generally consumed on religious holidays. The young generation are not interested in following this custom. They are more tempted to popular new dishes. But, still this aromatic bread prepared and consumed by indigenous community in a traditional method. Place yeast in a bowl, whisk with some warm milk and sugar until yeast dissolves. Mix the flour and the spices, salt olive oil. Let double rise in a bowl. Divide it to equal 3 tablespoons of dough. Flatten with your hand with the help of olive oil. Twist and turn like a rope and make a circle. The aroma of the spices leaves a nice taste on a tongue.

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Akdeniz Bölgesi

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Bread and baked goods

Indigenous community:Alawis Nusayri
Nominated by:Yasmina Selfun Lokmanoglu