Elbasan Kokërmadh Olive

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The geographical area of the kokërmadh Elbasani olive variety is the northern hills of the city of Elbasan. The variety is also produced in the villages of Kuqan, Shirgjan, and Bathes, located in the Commune of Shirgjan, Elbasan.The planting of  the kokërmadh Elbasani olive variety dates back to medieval times. However, in more recent times, this variety is being abandoned for those with more commercial viability. It is deeply linked with the local area and cannot be found elsewhere.This variety is considered a mixed variety, good as a table olive and for oil production. It produces round, medium sized fruits. In the past 40 years, no new individual trees of this variety have been planted, and the trees do not have a high level of resistance to olive diseases, meaning their outlook for survival is low, despite the characteristic oil that this variety produces. This oil is used in nearly all traditional regional dishes and salads, and it can also be used as a butter substitute in recipies such as tavë kosi and tave pistili. Currently, 90-100 tonnes of olive oil is produced annually for restaurants, markets, and domestic consumption.

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Production area:Elbasan Municipality