Kham Panir Cheese

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Panir Sada - Kham Panir

Kham Panir cheese is a seasonal and main product of herders in Afghanistan. This product has a direct relation in the traditional local food culture of the indigenous people in western, central and north provinces where the majority of rural people produce cheese. However, in addition to agriculture they raise livestock and most of the herds of sheep and goats are in these areas. Most cheeses are produced in a traditional method from sheep and goat milk during the springtime, while it is the best time of milking. This product, that consists of sheep or goat milk and Shirak Alaf (one kind of wild plant growing in the mountains), fermented milk and dry abomasum of newborn sheep or goat, is used as a breakfast in different ways with mixing of other ingredients such as dry fruits, vegetables and sweets.
Cheese is a simple traditional food of local communities in the north, western and central provinces of Afghanistan such as Herat, Badghis in western, Kapisa, Parwan, Bulkh, Kunduz, Panjshir, Faryab and Samangan in north and is Bamyan, Kabul and Ghazni in central part of the country. According to community culture the food should have been cooked or processed by the women so cheese is also produced only by women in the traditional method which is common from the hundreds years before and transferred generation by generation. The most important thing is that the cheese producers are still using plants like Shir Alaf, fermented milk, sheep or goat dry abomasum, vinegar and lemon as cheese makers.

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