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Kba sohma is a local variety of Bhoi rice grown by the people from the district of Ri Bhoi in Meghalaya in northeastern India, particularly in the village of Mawbri. It is brown in color and has a small but elongated shape. Kba sohma is named after the sohma fruit, which has small berry.like fruits that are clustered close to each other. Like sohma, this rice variety’s grains are clustered close to each other. Kba sohma is planted in the month of February in a nursery and is later transplanted into fields. It is harvested towards the end of the year, just before fall. This rice has a very smooth, almost slippery texture to the grain. This makes it very difficult to separate it from the husk. It is very flavorsome and aromatic and is usually eaten as a staple food together with curries and gravies and other vegetables.  

the mid-2010s, only a dozen sacks full of rice were harvested annually in the area. The small quantity means that it does not reach the commercial market, but is instead grown for personal or family use. Farmers face multiple challenges in continuing to grow kba sohma. The smooth grains are difficult to de-husk and process, and demand for this particular variety on the market is low. Because of this, it is difficult to make a living growing this low yielding variety, and so farmers are switching to other higher yielding varieties. The hope is that with further awareness of this particular rice, it may be promoted to help create a market that would encourage farmers to continue its cultivation. 

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