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Greek kavourmas, meaning “sautèed meat” (from the Turkish word “kavurma” that means “roasting”, a method known since Byzantine times.) is a traditional salami from the Greek part of Thrace, a geographical area in southeast Europe. Greek kavourmas is made with pork, cow, beef (Thrace and Kalymnos island), buffalo (Εastern Thrace and Macedonia), sheep, or goat, the day after slaughtering the animal

Kavourma is a slow-cooked product similar to confit. The meat is cut into chunks, salted overnight and cooked slowly for 4-5 hours in its own fat, called “voutero” (a kind of broth). The voutero is supplemented with olive oil and the meat is then cooked until moist and tender. Black pepper and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon,clovesor oreganoadd to the meat characteristic flavor.
The finished kavourmas are packed into jars, covered with rendered fat and stored in a cool place to use over the following months.

Kavourma can be cooked with vegetable stews and served as “meze”, small
dishes to accompany alcoholic drinks (ouzo or beer), or is cooked with eggs, vegetables, dried beans or pasta.

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