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The karachi gringo is a karachi type fish typical of Lake Titicaca. This variety differs from the black karachi because of its lightly golden colour, and it is 25cm long, featuring an abundance of scales and bones. The karachi gringo is not very meaty, but it has a high protein content for the people who eat it.

The fish is used by the peoples who live on the lakeshore and environs, especially in La Paz and el Alto. It features in local cuisine, where it is used to prepare a soup called “wallake”: the soup is cooked with the herb q’oa, yellow garlic and salt; it is quite popular in restaurants and markets.

In 2013, the La Paz government Fisheries and Aquaculture Department noted that the karachi gringo is extant because of overfishing and uncontrolled marketing.

Safeguarding this variety is necessary considering its cultural and gastronomic richness for the highland peoples. Its disappearance would mean a Bolivian biodiversity loss, along with a cultural and gastronomic loss for the country.

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Indigenous community:Aymaras of Titicaca lake
Nominated by:Andrea Romero Sotomayor