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Plátano Johnson

Until a few decades ago, the banana variety known as Johnson could be grown and esteemed all over Cuba.

Even though this variety has pretty much disappeared from the entire island, there are still a few trees among the Guamuhaya mountains; they are an important source of revenue for the farm families in this outlying area.

In order to grow best, this variety needs a constantly humid climate, with temperatures ranging between 26/27°C. The bananas are harvested all year, once they are sufficiently ripened. The banana does not produce vital seeds: in order to be reproduced and maintained, therefore, the farmers prefer vegetative propagation.
The fruit’s characteristics are good, and make the Johnson banana highly prized, but unfortunately, they are very difficult to transport because they deteriorate easily. This is why marketing them is restricted and consumption is at a local level; also increasing dry spells is putting their habitat and production at risk.

Like other banana varieties, the Johnson is very versatile from a gastronomic point of view. It is eaten mostly fresh, or made into a drink. It can also be served, for example, fried as a vegetable side, or in a fruit salad.

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Sancti Spíritus

Villa Clara

Production area:Escambray Mountains

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