Jeju Kangsool

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Jeju kangsool is a drink made from a fermented grain cake that has a thick consistency, similar to yogurt. To make Jeju kangsool, glutinous millet from Jeju Island is ground into a flour and mixed with water to make a paste. After a time, this is mixed with wheat malt made from local wheat and kept in a jar for about four months, during which it ferments and dries. During this time, a temperature of 10-18°C should be maintained. The dried cake can then be made into an alcoholic drink by diluting with water as needed. On Jeju Island, most glutinous millet was produced from winter to spring and mixed with barley as a staple of the local diet. Today though, the traditional millet market has almost disappeared due to imported millet.   Jeju kangsool was the traditional alcohol used by herders going to the mountains or pastures. The herder would carry the dry dough and mix it as needed to make drinks. Today, only a small quantity is made in private homes for personal consumption. Production and consumption has also fallen due to the importation of mass produced rice wine. 

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StateSouth Korea