Jaramut Flowers

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Jaramut is a tree that is found in the forests of the hilly region of Meghalaya, in northeastern India. Jaramut is a small tree that is more or less two meters tall, but very old trees can reach up to 4 meters tall. The leaves are thin and about 2.5-5 cm in length. Local people make use the jaramut flowers to prepare local dish or pickles. The flower of this tree is similar to a banana flower, which is dark pink in color. Jaramut flowers are is usually prepared with dry fish. Their taste is a little bit sour.   Local communities forage the jaramut from deep within the valley of the forested areas that encircle the outskirts of the villages. The product is almost never seen as a raw ingredient at markets; however, sometimes the community members sell the pickles made from the flowers at the local market. Jaramut flowers are more often collected for personal use. There are a number of reasons that the product is starting to show indications of being in decline. The most important of these is that forest resources are not being maintained. The flowers have lost their importance as part of the local everyday diet. In fact, today many people do not know about jaramut and its taste, particularly younger people.

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