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Janyniar is an edible leaf that is mostly found growing wild in the forests of the Khasi region of Meghalaya in northeastern India. The color of the leaf is green and its shape is thin and tall with a pointed end, with a rough texture similar to that of pumpkin leaves. The taste of this vegetable is bitter, but very flavorful. It grows in the months of March and April, and the people of the area of Sohryngkham consume this leafy vegetable raw in salads or mix it together with boiled potatoes.  

Locally, jalyniar is believed to have medical properties in purifying the blood and is used in treating anemia. Its medical applications were in fact the first ways the plant was used, but it gained popularity as an everyday food as well. It is not cultivated, and does not grow in abundance in the wild, so harvested quantities are limited, and used for family consumption, not for commercial sale. Consumption of jalyniar has particularly decreased among younger generations, who are less interested in consuming native wild foods. 

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