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Sal de hielo

Flower salt is the highest quality sea salt. Depending on the sea or ocean of its origin it is possible to notice significant differences in colour, taste, consistency and aroma. The market usually confers the highest value to the Atlantic ocean flower salt. The method used to obtain this salt in the Traditional Salinas guarantees the highest quality because of the excellent treatment, that does not allow the use of machines in any part of the production chain. The flower salt is collected manually with an instrument similar to a butterfly net when the moon is setting. The gatherer moves in the water that has “ripened” to form an extremely thin crust similar to the ice that forms on top of the seas when they freeze. This is the source of the name, ice salt, that indicates this flower salt of Cadiz and Huesca Bays. Slightly more humid than industrially produced salt, with a different composition, sal de hielo presents less purity of the sodium chloride and a highest purity of essential elements such as ferric, calcareous or iodized salts. These features help its healthfulness and taste. Sal de hielo is composed by small humid crystals that do not crack in the mouth; they melt easily and have a different taste than simply salty. It flakes when taken with the fingers and this characteristic adapts well to flavouring the food directly on the table. Is easy to differentiate sal de hielo collected in summer – thinner whit white pink nuances – from that collected in autumn – scale-shaped and slightly grey. Both of them are perfect for all foods: the one collected in summer is recommended for salads and grilled foods, due to its rich taste and to the presence of natural carotenes; the salt collected in autumn brings a peculiar decoration to the dishes because of the scale-shaped crystals that remains above the food and that lightly and pleasantly crack in the mouth. Sal de hielo is produced in the Salina San Vincente, and beginning next year it will be produced in the Salina La Esperanza Grande, as well. Salina San Vicente is the only salina that from immemorial time has kept producing salt in traditional way in San Fernando (Cadiz). Salina San Vincente is associated with the European Federation of the Manually Collected Salt Producers. Locally, the salt industry crisis did not allow the existence of groups of traditional producers. For this reason Biomaris is the only organization in Huelva that has kept producing in this traditional way.

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