Hyunin Black Chicken

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Hyunin Black Chicken

The Hyunin native black chicken is a restored native Korean breed, one of about 20 native Korean chicken breeds of varying colors documented in the Bon-cho-gang-mok, a medical book dating back to the Ming dynasty. Under the Japanese colonial period, much information about these native breeds was lost, but among the 20 known native Korean chickens breeds, 15 (including also red, brown, buff, black and white populations) have been restored today. The project to restore native Korean chickens has been run in cooperation with the Korea Native Chicken Preservation Committee and the National Institute of Animal Science since 1983. The Hyunin Black chicken has also registered by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.   The Hyunin Black chicken is mainly raised for the direct sale of its natural (fertile) eggs, but is also sold live as a rare breed. Compared to improved chicken breeds that begin laying after 3 months, the native breed takes 4-5 months to reach egg laying maturity. Additionally, this breed usually lays just 100-150 eggs between the months of March and June. While historically raised throughout Korea, today, the Native Black chicken and other native populations are raised in the areas of Hyangyang-ri, Paju-eup, Paju-si and Gyeonggi-do. The future of this native breed is uncertain, however, given the age of the current breeders and their difficulty in finding members of the younger generation to continue the work of increasing the population of this restored native chicken. 

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