Hinterwälder Cattle

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Hinterwälder Cattle

Hinterwälder Rind

The cow is regarded as the smallest (shoulder height 120 cm) cattle breed in central Europe. It is light (the cow weighs 380-480 kg), agile on steep ground as well as on deep soil. It is a robust and resistant breed, grazing outdoors not only in summer. Compared to the high-performance breeds it provides significantly more milk and calves more frequently. Most breeders are located in the southern Black Forest, in a radius of 25 km around the village Schönau. The Hinterwälder originated in the higher areas of the southern Black Forest until it became almost extinct in the 1970s. Today the situation is quite different: The breed is an indispensable part of the landscape and preserves the typical grazing land of the southern Black Forest. The Hinterwälder has high-quality meat, tender and marbled with fat. The milk is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and K-Casein beneficial for the production of an exquisite mountain cheese, another very pleasing feature of this breed.

Image: © Stefan Abtmeyer

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