Highland Burgundy Red Potato

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The highland Burgundy Red Potato is a unique looking variety of potato that has a sweet taste and floury texture and has a visual striking look that is red, distinctive.
It is an oval potato, long-shaped, with dull russet layer over a bright burgundy skin. It has a red flesh with a definite ring of white, a fluffy texture and delicious sweet flavour.

Highland Burgundy Red provides low yield compared to the widely available yellow varieties, so it is only available in few farm shops across the country and purchased and appreciated by few people who still know this variety. Many people are unaware of its existence. We have been uneducated about food by being overwhelmed with large retailers selling mainly one or two variety of potatoes.
Its seeds are kept at the largest potato seedbank in Europe, but the seeds and crops must be planted in order to be exposed to the different growing environments and develop its own resilience against changes in temperature, soil acidity, humidity of the air etc.
The lack of familiarity with the variety creates uneasy feeling amongst consumers to try new foods.

There are no records as yet found prior to 1936 but research is on going. Interestingly enough this variety was originally used for a special meal at the Savoy in London for the Duke of Burgundy in 1936 .
It is better steamed in order to retain the colour, this potato can be used for soups, chips, mashed, pies or just sauté.

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